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About Ben Kitts, Naples Golf Instructor, PGA Class A member

Ben grew up in Virginia and began playing golf at the age of fourteen. His desire for understanding the game and playing well led him to top status in high school golf and earned a golf scholarship at Gardner Webb University. In 1996 Ben turned pro and moved to Florida. After five years of traveling across the United States and playing on mini-tours, state openers, and qualifiers, he gained experience in all aspects of golf.

Ben returned to Florida and began sharing his knowledge of the game through teaching and club fitting. His passion and aptitude enlarged his own perceptions to encompass helping others realize their lifetime enjoyment of playing golf. He immersed himself in learning how to teach effectively. The quest took him to golf clubs, manufacturing plants, teaching seminars, and personal study of golfing improvement.

Ben was introduced to the Golfing Machine instruction system. The scientific principles of everyday physics and simple geometry are easy to learn and provide an effective base for consistent and concise golfing abilities. Ben is an authorized Golfing Machine instructor and uses these techniques in all levels of teaching from first-time players to tour professionals. Ben’s instruction compliments a person’s style and guides individuals through basic fundamentals.

In 2003 Ben began his career as a PGA teaching professional at Arrowhead Golf Club in Naples, Florida. His experiences provide all ages the opportunity to enjoy successful golf. In addition to the people of the community, Ben teaches students on the area high school golf team. He began assisting the team in 2006 and helped them achieve several state championship titles. Some students have received golf scholarships. In 2016 Ben began leading classes for Gulf Coast University students who desire to receive their PGA status to become PGA pros or tour players. Ben also enjoys instructing area seniors who seek to continue golf in their later years for health and happiness.

Golf Instructions NaplesBen Kitts Teaching Philosophy

Swing styles are as varied as the individuals learning the game of golf Lessons. However, the key lies in proper fundamentals, which opens successful performance and the opportunity for a lifetime of golfing enjoyment.

Focus on these fundamentals, and achieve rewarding outcomes

• Balance - the cornerstone to any athletic endeavor
• Stationary Head - steadiness creates consistency
• Flat Left Wrist - the gateway to ball control
• Rhythm - the opening and shutting of the clubface
• Plane Line - half of the equation for ball direction
• Lag Pressure Point - essential for keeping alignments
• Timing - the overall time of the swing